SPW Family

If you could call Steveston Pure Water anything, it would be A Watering Hole. Don’t be fooled by the many processes that give rise to unadulterated pure water; there is so much more to Steveston Pure Water than just great water.

Established in 2002 by two long time friends, Rick Leckey and Pat Yetman. Although the business was eventually sold in 2008, Rick remained on as an integral part of Steveston Pure Water, and even more so now that his daughter, Cori, and son-in-law, Marco purchased the business this past fall.

More than anything, Steveston Pure Water’s vision is to give a premium product and the deep feeling of community as the business was once founded on. SPW also offers an assortment of local and organic products including honey, coffee, and premium plus natural pet food.

Voted Richmond’s # 1 water shop for consecutive years past, Rick, Cori and Marco are committed to serving the same great water while providing exceptional and friendly service.

Why a watering hole? Because that is where your thirst is quenched and community is found.